The Ramble

Jimmy and Andy the Blade, Triple Point, pre-Ipswich May 2019

L to R – Jimmy, Andy the Blade, ‘Hecky Out’ Sal and… Dave!

Welcome to the Ramble!!

My name’s Jimmy Smith and I’m the founder of all things Blades Ramble!!

Despite arriving in Dewsbury and being brought up in Wakefield, West Yorkshire – I was in fact born a Blade. My Dad, Andy the Blade(!) was born in Sheffield and lived in Attercliffe until he was 11, when his parents (my grandparents) moved the family over to Ossett, West Yorkshire.

That didn’t stop Dad attending all the Blades games he could as he went up and down the country following our beloved Blades.

As a young Blade surrounded by Leeds fans, the only way I got to games as a kid was with my Dad. But in 1995, Dad became a football scout and that essentially squashed my chances of getting to the Lane regularly.

I was then fortunate enough to become a scout myself, working for Colchester United, Bristol Rovers and Rotherham United over a 5 year period. It was a great experience but following the birth of my twin girls in January 2016, I packed it in to spend more time with the family.

The Ramble kicked off in September 2022 as an outlet for me to vent – as you can tell I’m very opinionated and outspoken… but I try to keep things in check but I also want to be 100% real with you all! We’re now a platform where thousands of Blades come to voice their opinions and have their say – we’ve gone from strength to strength and I’m absolutely overwhelmed at your continued support in helping us grow!

My Dad recently retired so the whole family are once again season ticket holders. We’re joined on John Street by my Aunt Sal and my brother, Dave.

If you see us, please come and say hello – we’ll be the ones trying to get the singing going whilst shouting at the lino!!


– Jimmy

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